Finals are a stressful time: you're asked to regurgitate a semester's worth of material in three hours onto a test that will count for up to 40% of your grade, which is why instead of studying, I decided to go bike camping with Tom.

A brief recap of the adventure:

1:45 pm: Tom reports he's going to be thirty minutes late. No worries, leaving at 2:45 will still give us plenty of time.

2:45 pm: Tom reports he's going to be another thirty minutes late. A little bit worried, sunset is at 5:00 pm. (Tom, did you make any progress in the last hour?)

3:30pm: We're rolling! Obligatory how-is-school-so-hard-face photo.

4:00 pm: Finally out of the Silicon Valley traffic. Alpine Road turns to a single lane and starts winding through beautiful temperate rainforest.

4:15 pm: Still temperate rainforest. Still beautiful. Still paved. Still light out.

4:30 pm: Road turns to trail. Still rideable; the recent rain left some super tacky soil that makes it easy to get traction even with a road bike and a 30 pound backpack. We've climbed half of the 2000 feet up to our camp.

4:40 pm: Whoops. Trail turns to steep single track. Can you say hike a bike?

4:45 pm: Back in business!

5:00 pm: We found sunset. And fog. And pavement (at least for a few minutes).

5:15 pm: We still have a little light. And the fog. No more pavement.

5:25 pm: Cold, wet, but stoked, we arrive at camp.

6:00 pm: Eat rice pilaf, salami, and trail mix for dinner.

7:00 pm: As we get the fire going the fog clears, leaving us with beautiful views over the bay and out towards the coast.

10:00 pm: Study a little bit, talk about life, go to sleep.

6:45 am: Tom reports that his crotch is rather itchy. Turns out he got poison oak there (and all over the rest of his body too). Harsh.

7:30 am: Camp packed, time to roll.

7:31 am: Uh oh. I have an almost-flat rear tire.

7:32 am: Decide to just ride it down, how bad can it be?

7:45 am: Off the fire road, back onto pavement.

8:30 am: Make it back to campus with only my rear wheel and Tom's body a little worse for wear. Success?

3:30 pm: Take the final I didn't study for because of camping.

No regrets.